Awareness Training

Influencing Positive Behaviour Towards

 A Health and Safety Driven Culture

Awareness is Key 

In creating a higher level of awareness around hazardous working environments, businesses can build a positive safety culture and improve behaviour across the workforce. 

A safety-conscious workforce can lead to a more cost-effective business, with reduced absences through work-related illness and injury.



Training Packages

Provided in our bespoke

Training is part of the health and safety regulations and is recognised as a critical element of any health, safety and occupational hygiene program. 

Workplace Scientifics are members of the British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) and employ competent occupational hygienists capable of delivering bespoke and specific occupational hygiene training and development sessions.

The training and development sessions can be designed specifically for your business, providing targeted learning.

Designed For Everyone


Olivia Walker

Company Director


Dan Mitchell 

Production Manager


Tess Andersen

Team Leader


Noah Patterson

Welding Technician


"As a business, we strive to be better versions of ourselves so that we can deliver the highest quality to our customers..."

Our company ethos is reflected in our work, we not only strive to better ourselves, but we strive to better your business too. 


Our Specifically Designed Training Subjects

Substance Awareness
RPE & PPE Application & Maintenance 
Physical Agent Awareness
Control Measures
Correct Use Of Controls
Occupational Hygiene Awareness
Biological Agent Awareness
Maintenance & Servicing
Requirements Of Engineering Control Systems
Behavioural & Cultural Elements Of Health & Safety/Occupational Hygiene

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