Electromagnetic Fields

Testing & Quantifying



Quantifying Risk of Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields in the Workplace.

Workplace Scientifics Ltd can undergo in depth workplace electromagnetic field assessments utilising specialist equipment used for testing and quantifying exposure.

The Control of Electromagnetic Fields in the Workplace Regulations were formed in 2016. Since the implementation of the regulations, we have been helping businesses determine the level of electromagnetic fields emitted by specific pieces of equipment. This is so that people at particular risk are suitably protected from exposures.

An EMF is produced whenever a piece of electrical or electronic equipment is powered. EMFs are present in virtually all workplaces and if they are of high enough intensity, you may need to take action to make sure your workers are protected from any adverse effects

You must give special consideration to the safety of employees at particular risk. This includes employees who have informed you of any condition which could mean they are more susceptible to effects from EMF exposure (such as their wearing of active implanted medical devices (AIMDs), passive implanted medical devices (PIMDs) or body-worn medical devices (BWMDs) or of their pregnancy) and employees who work in close proximity to electro-explosive devices,

Where a person at particular risk can be affected by an electromagnetic field capable of having a negative effects on a medical implant device or cause complications to a pregnant woman.

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