Following the undertaking of a COSHH Risk Assessment, Workplace Scientifics Ltd will support you in establishing a Workplace Exposure Monitoring Programme.  This programme can include Workplace Air Monitoring, Biological Monitoring or a combination of both.


Workplace Air Monitoring includes an accurate identification and calculation of airborne concentrations of hazardous substances in the workplace as well as a direct comparison of personal exposure against current workplace exposure limits (WELs).  Background concentrations may also be undertaken to assess the effectiveness of engineering controls such as local exhaust ventilation.


Biological Monitoring can be undertaken as a means of determining employee exposure to hazardous substances through all routes of exposure not just inhalation.  Workplace Scientifics Ltd can determine the total uptake of several hazardous substances through urine sampling.


Thorough and practical recommendations are provided to support you in managing the personal exposure of your employees.

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