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About us

Experts in Occupational Hygiene

Occupational Hygiene is the discipline of anticipating, recognising, evaluating and controlling exposures to chemical, physical and biological agents. Workplace Scientifics is a UK based professional occupational hygiene consultancy which offers support to a range of industries. Which include, the Construction, Pharmaceutical, Food Processing, Engineering, Packaging and other Manufacturing Segments.

Our vision

Eradicating occupational disease

Changing the way organisations approach health in the workplace, challenging the way leaders think to help prevent occupational disease across all industry sectors. 


Driven by quality

Innovating, creating and maintaining high standards

Through innovative and creative thinking, we will work as a team to create, implement and adhere to comprehensive business systems that enhance our productivity and operational effectiveness.

Helping you make the right choices

We reassure and guide our partners through challenging situations where often a lack of understanding and available support leads to unnecessary investment and poor financial decision, making with regards to controlling and mitigating risks associated with exposures in the workplace.​

Helping you be compliant

We have a proven track record of working closely with businesses to develop design and implement cost effective solutions which have resulted in compliance with the relevant legislation under health and safety law.

Supporting longevity 

We take the time to understand and appreciate our clients concerns, and from this we as a team work to build implement and deliver on projects that provide real time accurate and presentable data sets that will help us work in partnership to developing and implementing solutions to ensure the longevity of your workforce.


Worker health protection specialists

Industrial Hygiene Practitioners

We aim to challenge the way our existing and future partners approach health in the workplace by influencing change within their organisation.  We help support and guide by building strong, long-lasting partnerships with professionals in a multitude of market segments and contribute to the longevity of their business and the working population as a whole.


Exposure solutions

Providing detailed occupational hygiene assessments and surveys using scientific methods of determining workplace exposures, and supporting businesses with the design and implementation of suitable and sufficient control measures. Workplace Scientifics help protect worker health through anticipation, recognition, evaluation and control of chemical, physical and biological agents. 

What our clients think about us...

Gary Kay,  

Health and Safety Manager at Howmet Aerospace

I have been working with Workplace Scientifics for approximately 18 months now. In the past 20 years I have worked with a number of Occupational Hygienist, but I have never worked with such a friendly and professional group of people as those who currently work for Workplace Scientifics. All their staff are exceptionally knowledgeable about their specific roles and communicate this extremely well at all levels of the business, from senior management to the operations staff.


The reports that they provide are the best that I have seen from any Occupational Hygienist. They are informative but simple to understand providing the relevant data and recommendations. Tom, David and their team always go that extra mile to ensure that as a customer me and the business are completely satisfied, including uploading all the monitoring data onto the company platform.


I have now contracted Workplace Scientifics to carry out additional services for the business including, LEV assessments, Asbestos surveys, Water sampling, Heat Stress assessments COSHH assessments and bespoke training for operators and managers. It is exceedingly rare as a business that we would put all our eggs in one basket and give multiple contracts to one provider, but I have complete confidence in Workplace Scientifics and the high standards that they maintain throughout any and all contracted work. If anyone or any business is currently reviewing their provider, I would highly recommend Workplace Scientifics.



The future of worker health preservation

Thanks For Enquiring

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