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Provisions of Information, Instruction and Training

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Introducing how a routine awareness training program can benefit your business and reduce work-related illness through positively improved organisational culture and behaviour.

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Providing Suitable and Sufficient Information, Instruction and Training Will Help You Create a Safer Working Environment.

Information, Instruction and Training is one of the most important aspects of any Health and Safety related program. The benefits of providing this, not only ensure compliance with the relevant health and safety legislation, however can have a positive impact on worker behaviour and organisational culture from a health and safety standpoint.

By providing a suitable and sufficient occupational health and safety training programme, a company can reap the benefits of showing leadership against unacceptably low health and safety standards. With that said, the provision of an effective awareness training program can help reinforce and refresh the importance of adhering and maintaining worker participation in safe systems of work.

The provision of information, instruction and training is also key in ensuring standard operating procedures are communicated and understood clearly and effectively. Worker engagement can ensure that all lines of communication remain open to help safety concerns be communicated more freely and openly as a result of workers' trust in their management teams.

Providing a suitable and sufficient training programme can promote proactive hazard reporting, influence staff to take leadership of their processes and develop skills which ultimately increase their perceptions of risk when faced with a workplace hazard.

Effective information, instruction and training will improve decision making. It also keeps your accident, injury and work related illness figures at their lowest by helping you send out a clear message that all provided safety equipment and control systems are to be put to good use in line with business policies and procedures.

Providing an example from a manager’s standpoint, consider a time when you were carrying out an audit of your production area. The newly installed local exhaust ventilation (LEV) system which cost thousands positioned in the corner like an unwanted ornament.

The powered air-fed respiratory protective equipment (RPE), that were recently bought in, sat gathering dust at the wayside. Albeit, these are extreme circumstances, however it has been known to be the case across many workforces. Often where operatives don’t understand the importance of using such equipment effectively.

In organisations where the provision of suitable equipment used to carry out a task safely, these pieces of equipment often remain misused or unused. In which case, it is key to ensure that operatives are provided with an insight into the importance of correctly utilising, storing and maintaining their equipment, adhering to the safe systems of work and ensuring the health and safety of others by behaving positively and coherently.

So, are you looking to improve organisational behaviour and culture when it comes to integrating new and improved health and safety practices? We may just have a solution for you.

At Workplace Scientifics we have a passion for preventing employee ill-health through education and awareness. As such, we want to support you by providing your employees with the awareness training they need to understand their working environment and what they need to do to ensure they go home safely. Our training packages are specifically designed to deliver a clear message, “let’s create safer working environments, together”.

Our awareness training programs can be delivered on-site by one of our competent occupational hygienists. We aim to influence and instruct on how to work with hazardous substances, control hazards, recognise and evaluate hazards, improve risk perception and correctly store and maintain PPE to ensure its effectiveness.

We offer in-depth informative training based on the following subject areas:


  • Local Exhaust Ventilation

  • Respiratory Protective Equipment

  • Noise

  • Vibration

  • Organisational Culture and Behaviour

If you would like to know more about how Workplace Scientifics can support you then please get in touch at or through our website:

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