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Thermal Environments

Assessing and mitigating risks associated with working in extreme temperatures

Working in extreme temperatures can lead to occupational ill health and stress on the human body, related to hot and cold environments. Evaluating the environments in which operators are required to carry out their work often requires specialist investigations and specific data to be obtained by an industrial hygiene specialist. 


Risk assessment

Evaluation of current control measures and risk of exposure

Starting with the evaluation of risk to hot and cold environments, the likelihood of exposure to temperatures capable of having an adverse effect on the body can be determined through detailed observation and measurement techniques to support findings. Workplace Scientifics have experience in undertaking detailed risk assessments with supporting information gathering in environments such as the food industry, meat processing, foundries and glass production. 


Measuring personal exposure potentials

Exposure monitoring

We are able to use measurement equipment to gather accurate data to evaluate and analyse current working environments, using the findings to offer detailed and specialist advice on reducing exposures and minimising the risk of hot and cold stress, which is often associated with working in extreme temperatures. 


Mitigating Risk

Determining additional control measures

Offering detailed and comprehensive advice on how to mitigate risk in extreme temperatures forms part of a detailed assessment and evaluation carried out across multiple industrial working environments, allowing for businesses to reduce exposures through tactical control systems in the interest of worker health.

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