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 Occupational Hygiene professionals who are competent in undertaking workplace exposure assessments relating to Chemical, Physical and Biological Agents, also providing specialist industrial awareness training. Working with industry leading businesses in aviation, petrochemical, construction and manufacturing sectors.

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Occupational Hygiene Specialist
Megan Price AFOH
Occupational Hygiene Associate

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Statistics show that over 1.4 million people are reported to have suffered from work related ill-health in the UK. That why we are a major contributor towards reducing the onset of work-related illness and disease in the UK.


Influencing change

Committed to reducing occupational illnesses.

Through anticipation, recognition, evaluation, measurement and control, we support businesses in reducing exposures to workplace health hazards



Provided across all industrial sectors

Delivering high quality occupational exposure assessments, awareness training and specialist advice around chemical, physical and biological hazards.


Working in challenging environments

Supporting businesses who are faced with the challenges of controlling exposure in heavy industrial environments.


A mission to more accessible

Helping SMEs gain more access to Occupational Hygiene Services

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Leading an initiative to reach out to industries which are not taking advantage of Occupational Hygiene provisions available to their sectors in 2022

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