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Legionella Risk Management

Helping businesses understand and evaluate the risks associated with Legionella providing competent advice around control.


Risk assessment

Evaluation of current control measures and risk of exposure relating to domestic water systems.

Undertaking detailed assessments by thoroughly inspecting water systems, obtaining critical data to evaluate the risk of exposure and clearly communicating areas of concern to support with risk mitigation strategies implemented by responsible teams.


Visual Inspections

Undertaking detailed inspections of domestic water systems and evaluating risk of legionella presence.

Competent Occupational Hygiene professionals carrying out on site assessments, undertaking detailed visual inspections which confirm water turnover and areas of possible stagnation to support with ongoing Legionella Risk Management Plans. 


Developing Schemes of Control

Determining additional control measures

Working with our customers to develop a written scheme of control, using obtained assessment data to compile a recommended action plan, providing clear and concise system schematics and highlighting the required training provisions.

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